Adoption Update: Zoe & Sabrina

“In June 2019 we had the privilege to bring home two sisters Zoe and Sabrina. They were shy; insecure, curious, not sure of many things in their young lives.

When they arrived home in NY They were given their own room so they could feel secure. I left the carriers in the corner; placed their own feeding dishes and left a light on during the night. After a few weeks I left the door open and they started to explore. As time passed their personalities began to come out. Sabrina seemed to be a bit more trusting. She let us pet her; took treats from our hands as Zoe looked on. After about 6 months they seemed to find their nitches. Zoe prefers to be on rodent patrol in the basement and Sabrina is my watch cat lol. Wherever I am she is. She won’t let me hold her yet but she loves to be petted and purrs so loud you can hear her in the next room. As each day passes I notice little nuances that let me know they are still settling in. They love the Roomba. They watch it like it’s their job . . . ”








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