Adoption Update: Kramer

“I wanted my daughter to have the experience of taking care of and loving a living being, for my mother in law to have something to smile and talk to during the day, and for some love and companionship for my husband and myself, plus the added benefits of keeping active and going on lots of walks!

We were looking for an older, gentle dog, housebroken, that would be fun for my daughter, but gentle with my mother in law, who uses a wheelchair. A friend of mine fosters dogs, and I happened to see a picture of Kramer on her Facebook page. Something about his eyes just tugged at my heart and I knew he was the one, once she told me about him, my mind was made up, he was going to be ours.

He has made us more active with his walks, given us more energy. He’s made us be more organized around our daily schedules. He’s also been a comfort to us when we are stressed or out of sorts. He comes and sits on the sofa very close to us to comfort us. He also a peacekeeper, he doesn’t like loud voices or yelling, so I have learned to find a different way to communicate and nag about homework and chores without yelling, which my children seem to like a lot better!

What we love about him? His soulful eyes, his fierce tail wagging when he’s s happy, his funny noises and movements when he’s dreaming about chasing squirrels, that he does a perimeter check every time the doorbell rings or someone is close to the house, that he’s protective of my daughter, how happy he is to see us when we come after work, his unconditional love. Plus, he’s so handsome!”



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