Adoption Update: Kex

“I adopted Kex in January 2019. He was approximately 3 months old at the time. Today he is a “big” 1 year and 3 month old and is an AWESOME cat.

We had 2 cats that lived till they were 20 yrs old. After they passed we decided to adopt our dog Tali. After having Tali we wanted to adopt a companion for her and fulfill an emptiness that our other 2 cats filled. Kex was an excellent fit. He bosses the dog around, fills our void and then some.

What we love most about Kex is his independence, goofiness, intelligence and especially his willingness to be friendly towards our 10 yr old cat Tippey. He was so patient with her that they now have no problems sharing their space.

We love him so much and can’t imagine Kex not being in our family.”



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