Adoption Update: Kali

“I had been looking for a dog to keep my sister company while my mom and I were at work every day. One of my coworkers told me about a border collie that had been surrendered to Somerset County. I went up a few days after she had been released from quarantine, because the previous owner claimed she had bit him. My mom and I knew from the beginning that we wanted to adopt a dog that deserved a second chance, either an older dog that would have difficulty getting adopted or a dog that had difficulties.

When we arrived the original dog we went for had been adopted just the day before. There were three dogs present at the shelter. We were happy that someone adopted the Border collie we went for originally, but noticed Sandy the German Shepherd. She was the only female at the time and had been there for a few months and had warnings on her kennel that said she was to only be walked by select people, wasn’t cat friendly or kid friendly. My mom, sister and I decided she would get a second chance. We sat down with Sandy for about an hour and half until she warmed up with us and began to trust us. We took Sandy that same day and changed her name to Kali for her to get a fresh start.

Kali took to the house and routine very well. Every morning I come down stairs and she greets me by hopping in place and vocally saying good morning. She goes on walks daily, loves playing fetch and is very adaptable. She has acclimated towards cats and children perfectly. Her only problem is she is very protective of her house and property from new people, but that makes us feel safe about leaving her home with my sister for hours each day from the end of school till either my mom or I come home. Since coming home with us we have adopted another younger puppy Molly who is also a German Shephard and loves playing with her older sister Kali and has learned a lot by matching Kali’s behavior. We look forward to many more happy years with Kali and Molly.”








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