Adoption Update: Jac

“We have had pets in our lives our whole lives, it was a natural progression for us to have a dog when we formed our own family. We lost a dog to diabetes and Cushings despite our best efforts to treat and save him, needless to say, it left us grieving. Then through a series of events we found out about a little dog who was available for adoption and in need of a patient and understanding family, he wasn’t doing well at the shelter and was in a foster home. He looked like “our kind of dog” but we needed to meet him and make sure he was a good match for us and our family.

The day we met Jac we arrived at the shelter and it was a hive of activity. There were volunteers everywhere doing all sorts of jobs, it was an impressive sight and very reassuring to see all these people working to find pets their forever homes while still giving them as much attention as possible.

After meeting Jac and introducing him to the dog we already had and our grandson who is a frequent visitor we decided we would adopt him. The shelter immediately put a chip in him, paperwork was completed and off we went.

Since that day we have learned a lot about our Jac! He absolutely loves toys and he makes us laugh every day with his playing antics. He also loves walks and going to the park, he keeps us fit and he is a very good boy on his walks. He does not like being crated (something we don’t need to do), having his hair cut and rainy days which keep him out of the backyard and his squirrel patrols. Most of all, he likes to be included and loves to go wherever we go, when that’s not possible he’s content to stay at home and guard the house from his favorite window seat.”



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