Over 1,000 animals adopted in 2019!

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The Somerset Regional Animal Shelter is boasting record adoption numbers for 2019 and is already on track this year to surpass them.

“We are ahead of last year’s numbers,” Assistant Shelter Manager Rose Tropeano said.

The shelter, located at 100 Commons Way, cares for cats, dogs, rabbits and more for adoption. The facility, founded in the 1970s, moved into its current home in the township’s municipal complex a decade ago.

“Five years ago, we were at 250 adoptions for the year, and we have been bringing it up and bringing it up,” Shelter Manager Brian Bradshaw said. “This year (2019), we hit 1,023 adoptions for the year.”

Bradshaw said it’s not about the adoptions, “it’s about the quality.”

“I think people are looking to add animals to their life,” he said. “I think the economy is getting a little bit better. I think people also know about rescues a little bit more and for us, they are starting to learn where our shelter is.”

Bradshaw also credits a social media presence, media and volunteers with spreading the word about the shelter.

The shelter typically can accommodate about 15 dogs and 65 cats at one time, with more in foster care, Bradshaw said.

“We are always looking for people to come in to adopt,” he said. “Volunteers (ages 14 and up) also are welcome.”

Bradshaw said the shelter also needs donations to continue its work.

“While we had a record year in adoptions for 2019, it was the first year we had a deficit,” he said. “So, we need donations to continue to help the animals.”

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