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Happy Tails

My name is Patrick and my sister’s name is Shamrock. We were born on March 17th, 2009 (Saint Patrick’s Day, hence our names) and adopted on June 17th, 2009. As you can see from the photo, we are black and white. I have golden eyes and pink toes, and my sister has bright green eyes and black and pink toes. We have a wonderful life in our new home. My favorite activities (besides sleeping and eating) are watching the birds, eating cat grass, chasing reflections from mirrors, and catching water drops from the faucet. I am absolutely fascinated by the water faucets in my home. My sister also enjoys watching the birds and eating cat grass, but her favorite activity is sleeping on our dad’s lap at the end of the day. She looks so silly lying on her back with her four paws in the air! I want to thank all of the wonderful people who helped raise us when we were kittens. You did a great job, and you found a wonderful home for both of us. ---Patrick and Shamrock. Greenbrook


Our family is a rather unlikely cat family. Our lifestyle had always lent itself to dogs. But, our 19- year-old pound puppy passed away last year leaving a big void in our hearts. We figured our lives were too hectic to introduce a new dog. An unwelcome squeak in the basement one evening enlightened us to the possibility of adding a cat to our family.

We were determined to adopt from a shelter since we’ve always found wonderful companions there and we feel strongly that these creatures deserve loving homes as much as the pure-breds from the breeders. We eagerly inspected and played with a dozen cats at the shelter one Saturday afternoon, but Twilight stood out from all the rest. She was born at the shelter and had known nothing else for her entire nine months on the planet. She was barely a kitten anymore, and her prospects for adoption weren’t as good as her younger counterparts. And, of course, her sleek Egyptian-esque body promised a good mouser. We needed her, and she needed us.

We hardly saw a flick of a tail for Twilight’s first 2 weeks in her new home. Our 8 year old daughter made the first real connection with Twilight over a bag of cat nip. But when Twilight came out of her shell, she came all the way.

She’s standing at the door to greet us with a hearty “Meow!!” after a long day. She jockeys for the prime spot on the couch when we’re all snuggled in for a movie. She dribbles legos and puzzle pieces around the house for amusement, and she even discovered the guitar and will pluck out her own tune from time to time. She turned out to be a lousy mouser, but she’s such an important part of our family that we hardly notice that pesky mouse. We had no idea how much love one cat could bring to our home. We are so blessed and grateful to the shelter for matching us with our dear fuzzy kitty, Twilight. ---Rebecca, Annandale


Lucky, also know as Little Bug, came to SRAS with his fur growing in and scars on his right shoulder and belly. He had been badly injured with a broken rib and several puncture wounds after being attacked by another dog. As a volunteer at SRAS, I had fostered Lucky not planning on adopting a second dog, but that changed when I realized how often Lucky makes me laugh like when he runs to jump on the couch, misses, and bounces off or when getting comfy, he moans with satisfaction and no, not with just a sigh as he settles down, but an actual satisfied “I am warm and safe” moan! Considering what he went through, he does very well with other dogs and behaves wonderfully with people. He has even been to doggie day camp with Pip, his new brother, and did exceptionally well! Pip has infinite patience with him, as Lucky likes to walk on him, jump on him, lay down on his paws and tries to claim space closer to me…get the picture…that’s why his other name is Little Bug. He now just has to stop bothering my 14-year-old kitty girls to play!

It has been several months since Lucky has come into our home and he likes to test the waters. At times he no longer remembers what ‘quiet’ and ‘come’ mean! Nonetheless, he is one Lucky dog. Knowing his story makes me think how amazing animals and people can truly be. Thank you to all of those who take the time to rescue and help animals in need giving them a better chance at a quality of life. ---Aviva, Hillsborough


The day I met Oreo (aka Zorro) in August 2010, I didn’t expect to adopt a dog. I just stopped in to see the new shelter facility. Adoption was the farthest thing from my mind but Oreo won my heart immediately. When I found out that he is 15 years old, I couldn’t believe it. He certainly doesn’t look and he doesn’t act like a senior citizen. He has settled in to his new home very well. It’s hard for me to understand how anyone could part with this little guy. He is so sweet and I think he is the cutest little dog in the world. As if that isn’t enough, he is house trained, walks great on a leash and charms everyone we meet. He follows me everywhere I go in the house and sleeps with me at night. I love him! ---Marge, Bridgewater


Hi! My name is Jack D aka Daniels. I spent 90 days in the shelter with people who cared for me. I will never forget the lady who came around to give us turkey breast. I spent my free time there flirting with the female felines. Despite most of their rejections, I kept smiling and never kept a grudge. My future parents came and were impressed with my social skills. I am the official greeter of our home. Unfortunately it doesn’t equate into my parents giving me my own exit and entry way. I am worldly and I know how to handle the streets. I have a chip that can be checked but my parents refuse to let me out at all. Parents can be so protective. So I hang with my 2 other guys and 1 chick in my home. Life is good. Life is cool. Thanks again SRAS for caring and kisses to you Turkey Lady. And to my brother wherever you are, “Hello, and stay cool.” ---Jack Daniels of Hillsborough


People say to me, “You adopted another senior pet?” Yes we did, we added 14-year-old Stella to our family this past summer. Stella lost her home when her owner became too ill to care for her. But it didn’t take her long to feel quite at home with us. She started sleeping with us the first week of her arrival and has been there every night since. She is a little on the chubby side, some might say fat, but we love her anyway. She is on a diet and is not happy about it. Sometimes in protest she will lay in the kitchen on her back with all four feet sticking straight up in the air like she died of starvation. She is a funny older black cat and we love her. She sleeps a lot but show her a catnip cigar and she becomes a frisky kitten all over again. At age 14 we know she won’t be with us for years and years, but the love she gives us is worth whatever time we have. ---Kathy H., Manville, NJ


It was fate that brought me into my new home. That day when my new mom walked into the shelter lobby, I knew I had to take a chance and try to get her to see me.

For over six months I wished that my old mom would come back and take me out of that noisy and crowded place, but it never happened. I was so scared that I didn’t want to come out of my cage even though everybody talked nicely to me and gave me attention. When my new mom walked over to my cage, I really don’t know what came over me, but for some reason I reached out and tapped her on the arm to get her attention. She turned and smiled and said “Hello there, who are you?” I tapped her again and she looked down at my paw on her arm and told me I had very pretty feet. Once I heard that I just had to roll over and show her that all my feet were pretty.

“How did you get her to do that?” I heard the shelter manager ask. “She’s been up against the back wall of her cage for the last six months any time a stranger comes through the door.” My new mom said, “Well, I guess I’ve just been picked by this pretty little girl, I would like to adopt her.” I was adopted within five minutes of meeting my new mom!

So I want to tell all those other scared and lonely pets at the shelter to take a chance. Reach out and touch somebody, maybe they’ll make all your dreams come true like mine did and take you home to be a part of their family. ---Tootsie “Roll” Deery of Whitehouse Station


Hello! My name is Lola and I am a liver colored German shepherd. I was brought to the shelter in March of 2009. My old owner said I was bad and crazy. Thank goodness no one at the shelter believed him. One day a couple came to see me and I just knew they were going to be my new parents. I came out of the cage, jumped on my new mom and gave her lots of kisses. Yes, she was hooked. We all went outside to get to know each other and I got to meet my new brother, Cloud a large Great Pyrenees. We got along just fine. A couple of days later my parents came to take me home. I was well behaved in the car. When we got to the house, let’s just say “I took it over”. I knew I was home.

Sadly, a month after I arrived, Cloud got sick and had to be put down. I was sad but not enough to take over his cage. Ha! In November we visited family in Georgia and my parents went to the local shelter. We came home with another Great Pyrenees. His name is Patch and we are the best of friends. With lots of love and understanding I have the best home possible. I am a pure princess who wants lots of love, hugs and kisses. I give them too. I found my forever home and hope all the other animals at the shelter are as lucky as I am. ---Lola of Langhorne, PA